Opening Your Bible


What stops you from opening your Bible? If you’re like me, you have a “few” copies in different translations floating around your house. A study bible, a journaling bible, the kind with the devotional in the margins, your kids may have a copy with fun illustrations…so many to pick FROM, so why don’t we pick it UP?  

Some of my reasons for avoiding God’s Word have included; not enough time, lack of understanding, fear of discovering the truth about myself, or worse yet, unveiling something about who God is that will unravel my faith and so I have allowed myself  the cursory flip-through-its-pages on Sunday when the pastor preaches from a “safe” passage or even a sweet bedtime story for my kids, never truly delving into the mystery of these pages.  But as long as I gave myself permission to avoid His Word or keep my interest surface I could never truly know the Author of this beautiful…

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