A Cooling Vest -an MS heat lifesaver

The title seems a little odd, I’m sure, but bear with me for a bit.  We live in Las Vegas.  Las Vegas…. In July, the heat rivals the SURFACE OF THE SUN.   Okay, that’s dramatic, but it can be quite toasty.   I have Multiple Sclerosis.  Heat is not my friend.  In fact, a sudden increase in only a couple degrees of body heat can send me into a downward spiral of crazy symptoms…  My vision goes blurry or black, my body goes numb, I can’t think straight, I get wacko dizzy and on and on.  I decided to try a cooling vest.  In fact, it will be delivered TOMORROW!  I am wicked excited to try it.   I definitely won’t be winning any style awards by wearing a grey vest crammed full of ice. It looks like a cross between a fly fishing vest and a bomb.  To be honest, I’m just as excited to watch people’s reaction to it.  I’ll let you know if it’s as awesome as I think it will be.



UPDATE: I love it!!!!!!!


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