Sensory Processing

  1.  No sudden stuff
  2.  No light stuff
  3.  Tell Me What You’re About to Do
  4.  Slow Down Dude

Those are my son’s “Space Rules”.  If we remember these rules of engagement, he is a much happier boy.  He’s eleven.  He has some definite Sensory Processing issues.  He is also pretty amazing.   He takes his time.  He overthinks every situation.  He is incredibly literal and 100% honest.  If a sound is slightly annoying to me, it physically hurts him.  A light brush on his arm feels like sandpaper.  A faint odor will send him over the edge.  Sudden movement makes him jump out of his skin.  His AMAZING counselor (who I so wish we had found years ago) calls these his “Spidey Senses”.  He likes that.  Each day is like a puzzle with him.  I’m working hard to understand how the pieces all fit.  He is such a blessing and brings joy and a whole lotta “real” to each day.



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