Intermission- A Blog?

I actually googled, “What is a Blog?

I found out it is a regularly updated, informal style of writing.

Hmm….  Informal I can certainly handle.  (I’m even ignoring the punctuation and grammatical absurdities in this very post–which goes against my homeschool Mom tendencies)– Dude, Whatever!   I get enough of that in the daytime.

Informal, for sure.  It’s the “regularly updated” part of the definition that has me second and third guessing the whole idea.  Now I’m starting to overthink it.  Is this blog about homeschooling?  Life with MS?  Raising a barnyard full of kids?  My Faith?  I could even blog about the fact that my parents are about to move in with us full-time… 9 people in one house-  that could be a blog all by itself….

If I’m gonna be me and it’s gonna be real, I think it has to be about all of the above.

Besides, I despise committing to just one thing. That would be so boring.

p.s.  If I ever made fun of you for making a big deal out of your 10,000 steps on your Fitbit, please accept my apology.  I got one for my birthday and I get you now.  I just got in bed and realized I was at 9,852 steps (mostly from two trips to Kohl’s)… So guess what I did?  I walked back and forth from the bed to the closet until my wrist vibrated that I have crossed over.  I am now a step junkie!  My life has changed.


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