What do you have left?

I ask that at least twice a day.


IMG_6693What do you have left?  Sometimes I ask because they’re getting on my nerves.  Sometimes I ask because I want to go to Costco and wanna know how guilty I should feel leaving before the school day is officially over.  But MOST of the time it’s because I typed up a perfect weekly schedule on a fabulous spreadsheet and I want us to stay on schedule.

It doesn’t matter why I ask.  The question always comes with a sliver of Mom guilt.  Sometimes I wonder, “If I have to ask them what they’ve done in school and how much is left, am I too hands off?”  “Is there a disconnect here?”

I’ve heard this from other Moms of older elementary and middle school kids.  If the work is getting done and it seems smooth, we start to question ourselves.  Maybe they don’t have enough school or it’s too easy?   Am I lazy?  Why aren’t they complaining more?

The real answer?  EVERYTHING is JUST FINE.  We listen to them read.  We check their Math (or at least their grade).  They are learning what the curriculum intended they learn.  We make sure they read their Bible.  We ask them reading comprehension questions.  I mean….  Seriously, things are JUST FINE.  Probably better than fine.

They should be learning to follow a schedule and make decisions about time management.  That’s one of the great things about homeschooling.

Maybe we should just RELAX and be thankful they aren’t struggling right now.

(And by the way….. Nothing wrong with a field trip to Costco now and then.  It’s Life Skills.



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