Jericho was Loud

Today I picked up my oldest little man from his Sunday School class.  His teacher told me he wasn’t himself today.  He bolted out the door (which isn’t abnormal).  He usually goes outside where it’s a little less chaotic and waits.

So I went to pick up the other kids from their classes.  As I walked through the crowded hallway, I saw him hunched in the corner… Squatting with his nose facing the wall and hands over his ears.  This isn’t the first and won’t be the last.  But today something new happened.  It caught me by surprise and I was overjoyed by it.

A sweet friend of mine was standing in front of where he had hunched down.  She was using her body to hide him and protect him from all the people wanting to make sure he was okay.   I was so encouraged to have an ally.

I got him out to the van and rode in the back with him on the way home.  He just sobbed.  He’d told his teacher he had a headache, but I knew this was much more.  When we got home, he went to his room and hung out where it was quiet for a while.  He later said that they had studied about Jericho.  Ohhhhhhhhh.  It all makes sense now.  Part of the lesson was all the kids making as much noise as they could.  I knew that must have been wretched painful for him.  Being stuck in a room with no escape for an hour was tricky enough, let alone everyone make loud noise all at once.

These things happen. There’s no way to predict when or where, but they happen.  He’s perfectly fine now, even smiled when he told me some details from the lesson.  We recover, we move forward.

I just keep thinking about how God placed my sweet friend in that hallway at the exact moment and how she jumped in to help him.  This is why connecting with a church family is so unbelievably important.  We SO need one another.  God has created some amazing people and placed them around us.  All we have to do is be real and let them in.  The Blessings are Astounding.

*I feel I should add a little edit here.  I read this post and wondered how I might feel reading this if I were his Sunday School teacher or any of the kids and adults that were concerned about him in the hallway.  First, his Sunday School teacher is an amazing woman.  She is also an excellent teacher and loves these kids.  I’ve also never talked with her about possible Autism or his Sensory issues.  She has a great class and they all love her (especially my boy).


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