Cognitive issues and fear

“It’s the damage you don’t see, the damage in your brain… The slow decline of cognitive ability…that’s what is concerning, maybe more than the physical disability- or lack thereof.”

This is what I’ve heard several neurologists say (all in slightly different wording) that has me a little curious.  What if they ARE right?  What if my decision to avoid Disease Modifying Therapy (aka MS Drugs) for the time being is costing me dearly in brain function?

This is particularly scary to me because I homeschool.  My youngest is five.  I need to be sharp enough to homeschool for quite a few more years.  I’ve had several situations where I can’t seem to remember how to do math and reading becomes difficult.  My understanding (which is still limited as I am new to MS) is that each relapse, while it somewhat resolves, leaves some potentially permanent damage.  It isn’t always seen as physical disability.

I’ve talked with quite a few MS patients and, so far, I’ve only met one who was happy with their treatment.  Most complain of various side effects and none seem sure that it is even helping.  Still, I wonder….  What if one of these injections or pills could help prevent damage?

I would love to hear from some people who like their medication and do believe it is helping.


One thought on “Cognitive issues and fear

  1. I have MS ans I am homeschooling too. I have tried a DMT in the past for a period of 8 mths. I did not like it or notice if it helped. In a later post than this, you were entering a blind study for Estriol. How’s it going? I found such improvement when I was pregnant and my MRIs showed reversal of previously sclerosed areas in my brain.

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