It’s been a minute…

I know, I know…. A blog should have frequent posts.  A year later, here I am.  See, when I started this, it was because I couldn’t find another homeschooling Mom who had MS.  I know this for certain because…boy did I ever search.  I wanted to be encouraged and not feel so alone.  I wanted to get ideas, read about someone else having a hard time.  I wanted to cry and laugh.  I just felt like it was needed.  But, after writing a few posts, I began to feel quite vulnerable.  Honestly, all of a sudden I panicked…. Do I want people all up in my business like this?  Do I really have anything to say?  Do I sound like an idiot to someone who has had MS for years?  I still feel all of that, but I’m back anyway.  A lot has sure happened in a year.


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