cropped-laura-tindall-2016.jpgI never want to forget that my six year old, Claire, couldn’t pronounce Louisiana. She kept telling everyone, “We’re moving to Who-EZ-Anna.”   We’ve been here almost six months and I’m sad she says it the right way now.

Vegas to Louisiana: It’s kinda a big deal.

I’d still take 100 degrees of dry heat over 80 degrees and humid.  Humidity is no friend of mine.  My 16 year old loves it though.  She says it feels like a warm hug.

The people here are kind.  The food is OH SO YUMMY and there are Crepe Myrtles everywhere.  I am obsessed with Crepe Myrtles!!!! Especially purple ones!

I have a new neurologist.  She seems to be very smart… She’s an MS Specialist and she’s about a mile from my house.  I’m still not taking a DMT/DMD (Disease Modifier) whatever you call it– US uses one term, UK uses a different one, it’s confusing to me.  I did, however, begin something to hopefully help ease some symptoms.  The doc started me on Low Dose Naltexone a couple weeks ago (4.5 mg).  I am cautiously optimistic about it.  I find I can tolerate the heat a little better and have a little more energy. I’m also currently in a sort of bipolar Autoimmune Diet phase.  By bipolar I mean that I love it about half the time and hate it and pretend to not know about it the other half.  I know if I went back to eating a strict Autoimmune Paleo diet that I’d feel much better.

That’s about all that is going on here.  I keep the air on 72 round the clock and everyone else has to wear sweaters and socks 😂.


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