I never want to forget that my six year old, Claire, couldn’t pronounce Louisiana. She kept telling everyone, “We’re moving to Who-EZ-Anna.”   We’ve been here almost six months and I’m sad she says it the right way now. Vegas to Louisiana: It’s kinda a big deal. I’d still take 100 degrees of dry heat […]

It’s been a minute…

I know, I know…. A blog should have frequent posts.  A year later, here I am.  See, when I started this, it was because I couldn’t find another homeschooling Mom who had MS.  I know this for certain because…boy did I ever search.  I wanted to be encouraged and not feel so alone.  I wanted […]

Cognitive issues and fear

“It’s the damage you don’t see, the damage in your brain… The slow decline of cognitive ability…that’s what is concerning, maybe more than the physical disability- or lack thereof.” This is what I’ve heard several neurologists say (all in slightly different wording) that has me a little curious.  What if they ARE right?  What if […]

Jericho was Loud

Today I picked up my oldest little man from his Sunday School class.  His teacher told me he wasn’t himself today.  He bolted out the door (which isn’t abnormal).  He usually goes outside where it’s a little less chaotic and waits. So I went to pick up the other kids from their classes.  As I […]

What do you have left?

I ask that at least twice a day.   What do you have left?  Sometimes I ask because they’re getting on my nerves.  Sometimes I ask because I want to go to Costco and wanna know how guilty I should feel leaving before the school day is officially over.  But MOST of the time it’s […]