I never want to forget that my six year old, Claire, couldn’t pronounce Louisiana. She kept telling everyone, “We’re moving to Who-EZ-Anna.”   We’ve been here almost six months and I’m sad she says it the right way now. Vegas to Louisiana: It’s kinda a big deal. I’d still take 100 degrees of dry heat […]

It’s been a minute…

I know, I know…. A blog should have frequent posts.  A year later, here I am.  See, when I started this, it was because I couldn’t find another homeschooling Mom who had MS.  I know this for certain because…boy did I ever search.  I wanted to be encouraged and not feel so alone.  I wanted […]

Cognitive issues and fear

“It’s the damage you don’t see, the damage in your brain… The slow decline of cognitive ability…that’s what is concerning, maybe more than the physical disability- or lack thereof.” This is what I’ve heard several neurologists say (all in slightly different wording) that has me a little curious.  What if they ARE right?  What if […]