What do you have left?

I ask that at least twice a day.   What do you have left?  Sometimes I ask because they’re getting on my nerves.  Sometimes I ask because I want to go to Costco and wanna know how guilty I should feel leaving before the school day is officially over.  But MOST of the time it’s […]


I’ve decided to take a risk.  I got a letter in the mail asking my participation in a study at UCLA.   It’s a 50/50 Blind Study.  They are giving half the MS patients the pregnancy hormone, Estriol, and the rest placebo. So…. Do I drive five hours to Los Angeles four times in one […]

Intermission- A Blog?

I actually googled, “What is a Blog?” I found out it is a regularly updated, informal style of writing. Hmm….  Informal I can certainly handle.  (I’m even ignoring the punctuation and grammatical absurdities in this very post–which goes against my homeschool Mom tendencies)– Dude, Whatever!   I get enough of that in the daytime. Informal, […]

Sensory Processing

 No sudden stuff  No light stuff  Tell Me What You’re About to Do  Slow Down Dude Those are my son’s “Space Rules”.  If we remember these rules of engagement, he is a much happier boy.  He’s eleven.  He has some definite Sensory Processing issues.  He is also pretty amazing.   He takes his time.  He […]

Opening Your Bible

Originally posted on ashleyvjones:
What stops you from opening your Bible? If you’re like me, you have a “few” copies in different translations floating around your house. A study bible, a journaling bible, the kind with the devotional in the margins, your kids may have a copy with fun illustrations…so many to pick FROM, so why…