I’ve decided to take a risk.  I got a letter in the mail asking my participation in a study at UCLA.   It’s a 50/50 Blind Study.  They are giving half the MS patients the pregnancy hormone, Estriol, and the rest placebo.

So…. Do I drive five hours to Los Angeles four times in one year (I pay for travel) in hopes that I get the hormone?  Will I still be excited to be poked and prodded and MRI’d and take cognition tests even if I get the placebo?

I read about this doctor’s research back in July of last year.  I got so excited because it made perfect sense.  That’s why my MS has taken so long to progress, because I’ve been pregnant so much!  The immune system halts or slows down attacking when an MS patient is pregnant, it’s smart enough to know not to attack the baby.  How cool is that?!?  So even though my first vision loss and numbness began 12 years ago, it didn’t progress much because I kept getting pregnant.

So… I told them yes.  I go to my first study visit next Month.



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